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International Women’s Day: Four Trailblazers Who Changed Britain

09:31 Mar 04

  To mark International Women’s Day next Tuesday, we look at four British women who made history in their respective fields. A three-minute, fantastic females-themed read.   They may not be household names, but these fou..

Conveyancing Scam Warning for Brighton and Hove Buyers and Sellers

12:41 Mar 02

   Devious fraudsters are hacking the emails of buyers and sellers, sometimes with devastating consequences. A two-minute read.   Hackers and cyber fraudsters went to town in the UK last year, swindling ..

The Generation Game: What Brighton and Hove Tenants Look for in a Property

09:34 Feb 28

   This three-minute read looks at the changing rental market and what it means for landlords.   With the rental market changing enormously over the past decade, savvy landlords need to ..

Mental Wellbeing in Brighton and Hove

10:46 Feb 25

   This two-minute read has a look at some of the things you can do to help keep you feeling well and positive.   Life, as we knew it pre-pandemic, is gradually looking more like it used to, as Governments across..

Things to Consider Before Buying a New-Build in Brighton and Hove

12:24 Feb 23

  In this two-minute read, we explore the pitfalls of buying a new-build property.   So, you’re thinking about buying a new-build. You’ve fallen in love with the area and the idea of a brand-new home, but is it worth ..

What Makes Landlords Sell Their Properties in Brighton and Hove?

02:56 Feb 21

  A three-minute must-read if you’re a landlord considering selling.   It’s often thought that being a landlord is easy: buy a property, rent it out, and hey presto! You’re all set. Unfortunately, it’s never that s..


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