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Why Might the Office Make a Comeback in Brighton and Hove ?

12:05 Jul 02

  A three-minute read looking at why some workers are opting for the office.   Once upon a time, in a land before Covid-19, working from home was considered the holy grail for many. Who knew that the vision of an idyllic f..

What Brighton and Hove Buyers Need to Know about Getting a Mortgage 

10:56 Jun 30

   In this three-minute read, we look at how Brighton and Hove homebuyers can get a good mortgage deal.   For most people, a mortgage is the biggest loan they’ll take out in their lifetime so, ..

Five Ways Brighton and Hove Landlords Can Avoid Garden Maintenance Disputes

10:37 Jun 28

  In this three-minute read, we look at who is responsible for maintaining the garden at a rental property.   The most significant property trend to emerge from the pandemic has been the surge in demand – from buyers and..

Staying Cool and Calm for a Post-Lockdown Brighton and Hove Summer

10:53 Jun 25

   This three-minute read looks at ways to ensure you don’t go from suffering with lockdown lethargy to suffering from post-pandemic pressure.   Things are starting to open up again. It turns out the light at t..

Finding the Right Removal Firm for Your Brighton and Hove Move

11:06 Jun 23

This three-minute read gives you a few ideas to consider when choosing your removal firm in Brighton and Hove. Getting the right people to help you move home is so important. This means your estate agent, your conveyancer, and the people ..

How Brighton and Hove Landlords Can Avoid a Tenant Nightmare

12:12 Jun 21

  In this three-minute read, we look at what can go wrong if you side-step tenant reference checks and wind up with a bad tenant.   New landlords often flirt with the idea of ditching traditional tenant selection processes..

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