Eleven Things to Do before You Move Out of Your Brighton and Hove Rental

As we all know, moving home can be a stressful business.

But you can avoid a frantic panic on the big day by starting your end-of-tenancy preparations sooner rather than later.

With a little bit of planning and forethought, you can streamline the process and avoid a last-minute scramble.

Once you’ve agreed on a moving date with your landlord or letting agent, follow this guide.

Check out your check-in report: Review the inventory you received on moving-in day. This will outline the property’s condition at the start of the tenancy. It’s your responsibility to return the property in the same condition (excluding fair wear and tear).

Read your tenancy agreement: Re-read your contract (it may have been a while since you last looked at it) so you’re clear about what’s expected of you.

Change of address: Tell your friends, family, bank, phone company, broadband provider, local authority and utilities that you’ll be moving. Notify them of your check-out date and new address.

Garden maintenance: If the property has a garden, ensure you’ve completed all necessary maintenance (such as weeding, mowing or raking up leaves) as specified in your contract.

Pack: Start early by packing away clothes and other items you won’t need in the immediate future. Give away or dispose of any belongings you won’t be taking to your new place.

Talk to your landlord/letting agent: Call your landlord or letting agent to get a clear idea of what to expect at check-out and finalise last-minute details.

Clean: Deep clean the property making sure you don’t overlook often-missed areas, such as windows, shower screens and the inside of the fridge.

Remove your possessions: Take your furniture and belongings to your new home.

Reconfigure: Ensure the furniture that was in the property when you moved in is put back in its original position and replace any missing/faulty lightbulbs.

Have the keys ready: Make sure you have all sets of keys (including those for the back door and windows) on hand to return to the letting agent or landlord.

Meter readings: Take final gas, water and electricity readings and forward them to the relevant utility provider.

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