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Choosing the Best Solicitor for Your Brighton and Hove Property

11:12 Jul 14

This two-minute read will help you learn about conveyancing solicitors and how to find the right one for you in Brighton and Hove Whether you instruct a conveyancer or a solicitor, they essentially do the same thing when it comes to deali..

Landlords in Brighton and Hove Need to Heed These Rules and Regulations

10:48 Jul 12

  In this three-minute read, we take a look at the most common rules and regulations that Brighton and Hove landlords need to remember. Being a landlord is a tricky business. There are nearly 200 different pieces of legislation co..

How You Can Celebrate and Protect Brighton and Hove Parks

11:12 Jul 09

  In this three-minute read, we look at the role parks play in keeping communities healthy and happy.   Over the past year, parks have been a source of joy and solace for people across the UK, providing a welcome antidote ..

A Guide to Buy-to-let Mortgages for Brighton and Hove Landlords

08:48 Jul 05

   In this three-minute read, we compare the different types of buy-to-let mortgages.   When choosing the right buy-to-let mortgage, landlords face a key decision: go with an interest-only deal o..

Why Might the Office Make a Comeback in Brighton and Hove ?

12:05 Jul 02

  A three-minute read looking at why some workers are opting for the office.   Once upon a time, in a land before Covid-19, working from home was considered the holy grail for many. Who knew that the vision of an idyllic f..

What Brighton and Hove Buyers Need to Know about Getting a Mortgage 

10:56 Jun 30

   In this three-minute read, we look at how Brighton and Hove homebuyers can get a good mortgage deal.   For most people, a mortgage is the biggest loan they’ll take out in their lifetime so, ..

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